Welcome to St Mary’s Parish School

At St Mary’s we believe that Wellbeing is the foundation of Learning and we are committed towards the building of a school community where the wellbeing of each student is given the same priority as academic achievement..

Join our Family

Check out our school video and be inspired by the possibilities at St Mary’s Parish School.

Celebrating Childhood

Our small class sizes together with a high level of classroom support mean that no child falls through the cracks and that individual student needs can be met.

Innovative Teaching & Learning

At St Mary’s we promote a strong focus on using our school site as a teacher. Students engage positively with their environment, connecting knowledge that they learn online and in the classroom in such areas as sustainability, ecological awareness and environmental stewardship with a range of hands-on and real-world learning experiences in the school outdoor learning areas.

Nurturing Spirituality and Contemplation

At St Mary’s we gently foster the spiritual dimension of each child by providing opportunities for the children to experience quietness and peace within the busyness of their lives.

Celebrating Cultural Diversity

At St Mary’s we encourage a positive sense of cultural identity, harmony and inclusion for all our families. We acknowledge the Wiradjuri people past, present and emerging on whose traditional land we work, live and learn. 

Wellbeing for Learning

Here at St Mary’s, we believe in Wellbeing for Learning and view wellbeing as being at the heart of education.