Positive Education and Character Strengths

Here at St Mary’s, we believe in Wellbeing for Learning and view wellbeing as being at the heart of education. As such, we embrace an approach to learning that is built on the principles of Positive Education which is itself based upon the research science of positive psychology. The concepts and practices of Positive Education include among many others: the understanding, appreciation and use of character strengths, and the practices of gratitude and kindness. These practices are but a small example of the aspects of Positive Education which support St Mary’s spirituality and which enable us to integrate Positive Education, wellbeing and our school’s spiritual life.

A key initiative in 2021 has been the introduction of a whole school approach towards the development of Character Strengths with a different strength being introduced every two weeks and the whole school developing a shared language around key character strengths such as Gratitude, Curiosity, Self-Regulation, Kindness, Hope, Teamwork and Humour. Children have Gratitude Journals and regularly practise reflecting upon and expressing gratitude.