Our School Community

At St Mary’s we seek to live out our school motto, “Deeds, not words only.” We value positive relationships with parents and carers to help develop better social and emotional skills in children. We know that when children are engaged with their learning, they attend school more regularly, leading to better long term outcomes. 

We see parents as our partners in education and like to work closely with them to support their children’s wellbeing and learning. Parents can easily contact the school to speak with the principal or any of the teachers regarding their children and there are regular parent information evenings, fortnightly assemblies and awards nights.

Other ways we communicate with parents are through our weekly e-newsletters, the Compass student information system, emails, phone and Facebook social media.

We are incredibly fortunate to have a community that is always willing to lend a hand during a number of other activities that could not run without the generosity of volunteers.