Learning Technologies

Innovative Learning – Skills for the 21st Century

At St Mary’s we encourage innovative and varied means of learning to enrich the curriculum and bring students face to face with real-life learning experiences. Learning technologies are integrated throughout the school’s curriculum to enrich learning and teaching. We encourage ‘hands-on’ experiences with technology so that students are able to explore and develop as independent and effective users of information.

We recognise that in a digital age and with rapid and continuing changes in the ways that people share, use, develop and communicate with ICT, young people need to be highly skilled in its use. We recognise that learning is not fixed by time or place and that technology is becoming central to all learning. Students need the knowledge, skills and confidence to make ICT work for them at school, at home, at work and in their communities.

Each student at St Mary’s has their own personal learning device, a Chromebook, with parents paying an annual levy for this. To be sure that no one is financially disadvantaged, this levy is recalculated annually. At the end of a three-year cycle, the Chromebook may be purchased for the student for a minimal fee.

Our teachers continue to participate in professional learning and Information and Communication Technology Teachers (ICTTs) work closely with classroom teachers to support the integration of technology into all key learning areas.